Congratulations to Our 2018 Winners

Nova Frontier Film Festival closes its 2018 program with over 22 films from the African Diaspora, The Middle East, and Latin America in competition. The Jurors have selected the following films as the winners in the selected categories.

my price.JPG

Best short film - My Price by Hsu Chien (Brazil)

Morena is a beautiful travesti of program, who rediscovers Reinaldo, her older brother and homofóbico. The past of the brothers reappears, because it was because of all the hatred and violence caused by Reinaldo that Morena ran away from home and left her city at the age of 10. In this fateful encounter, Morena discovers that Reinaldo is looking for sex travestis, and realizing that the older brother does not recognize her in women's outfits, Morena takes the chance to take revenge on the one who made her so bad.


Best short experimental - Grey umbrella by Mohammad Poustindouz (Iran)

Grey Umbrella is an adaptation of a short story by Argentinean writer Fernando Sorrentino, called,There’s a Man in the Habit of Hitting me on the Head with an Umbrella.  The story is of a man with a bad habit, until a man with an umbrella enters his life.


Best actor : Grace Seri in le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux by Josza anjembe

Seyna, a teenager originating from Cameroon is passionated by the history of France, where she grew up. She aims to integrate a very renowned graduation cursus dedicated to Politics. Approaching 18 years old, her wish is to acquire French citizenship but her father is opposed to it.

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Best short Documentary-Toward Tenderness by Alice Diop (France)

Towards tenderness' - four young men speaking freely, locked in their sexual and romantic representations or on the verge of getting out of it. Winner of 2017  César Award for Best Short Film


Best feature Doc : Rafea - Solar by Mona Eldaief (Jordan)

Rafea: Solar Mama is the story of a Bedouin woman from the northeastern desert in Jordan who struggles against the patriarchal rules of her society to get a transformative education as a solar engineer at the Barefoot College in India and empower the women of her village back home.

It Must Make Peace.1.jpg

Special Mention - It must make peace by Paul R Chandler & Brian Melnyk. (Mali)

Told through the captivating stories of musicians and artists, both young and old, the West African nation of Mali strives to preserve its music and deep cultural roots in the face of poverty, conflict and the influences of the West.