Nova Frontier Film Festival and LAB are open to young artists and emerging creative talents from New York, Marseille, France, and our festival regions. We focus on New York and Marseille because they are two cities with similar social and political issues affecting urban inner city youth population, also two cities that serve as a destination and port of entry for large migrations, global trade, and cultural nexus.

The LAB is taught by professional filmmakers and artists that mentor LAB participants to realize their project, hone their individual voice, unleash their artistic talents, and shape their own media images. In so doing, we empower the youth to be role models to one another, global leaders committed to tolerance and freedom of expressions. During this hands-on immersive period, the LAB encourages experimentation and exploration, with lectures, media literacy, technical skills in visual storytelling, workshops in acting and interactive group activities that spark imaginative play and creativity to the fullest. The aim is to promote a high level of intercultural storytelling that’s innovative and engages across genres and platforms.  

During this workshop, participants embark together on an intense journey to discover and uncover the endless space, and the (in-between), telling stories in the digital age and across platforms, while having fun, exploring and finding their unique creative voice, unfolding a story as they go. The Lab encourages experimentation and exploration and typically consists of interactive group activities and warm-up exercise to spark imaginative play and creativity, lectures on media literacy and technical skills in visual storytelling, improv, and acting — all design to help youth to find their personal voices and unleash their creativity. In turn, they build essential life skills in leadership, critical thinking, intergenerational collaborations, and self-confidence, preparing them to be the NextGeneration of socially engaged creators and citizens of the world.   

The LAB will provide ongoing support and resources for artists to nurture their projects, through year-round activities and one-on-one mentorship with industry professionals. The LAB participant’s final project will be presented to the public during the Nova Frontier Film Festival, and will also be encouraged and have full support in submitting their works to other film festivals, public institutions, and media outlets. In addition, as part of our exchange program between New York and Marseille, a selection of LAB participants will be given the opportunity to travel and collaborate on a creative projects in the host Country, giving them am opportunity to experience other cultures and languages.

NOVA Lab also offer workshops to corporate companies and organizations-- for seasoned executives to junior employees looking for the breakthrough and communication skills to realize their full creative potential and take their career to the next level.  Our highly interactive, entertaining and innovative methodology can be personalized and designed, taking into account your company and employees needs. 

All workshops are taught by seasoned coaches and are packed with group exercises, on-camera activities, motivational and psycho-human development training aim to help you play and succeed not just in your career, but in your personal and family life as well. The place where you stand is where the journey begins. Get ready for a spectacular lift-off!  Contact us to learn more.

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